Important dates

    1st November 2021
    Announcement of paper and poster submissions 

    1st May 2022
    Deadline for paper and poster submissions

    1st May 2022
    Deadline for Early Bird


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Full Paper and Poster Submission

Poster Information

  • The maximum size for posters is A0 (841 × 1189 mm)
  • All posters must be in Portrait orientation.
  • Blue tac can be borrowed to be used on top and at the bottom for mounting the posters.
  • • The poster should include a description of the authors, the purpose of the research, the methods and principal results as well as major points of discussion and conclusions.
  • Mounting from Sunday at 13:00 to Monday at 10:00 am in the Marble hall
  • There will be given a time for a short presentation of the posters on Monday or Wednesday

  • IFMA23 opens for two types of submissions: full paper submissions (academic or applied) and poster summary. Both need to focus on one or more of the following themes.

    IFMA23 Focus

    At IFMA23 there will be the following themes::
    Market (consumer perspective)
    - Working with global and local markets (e.g. resilient farming businesses, global food security, negotiating best prices for inputs and outputs)
    - New food products (e.g. organic foods, door delivery, plant based foods)
    Financing (financial perspective)
    - Financing the farm business (e.g. share farming, contract farming, non-farming investors, new generations, international farming)
    Production (internal process perspective)
    - Technology (e.g. robotics, other new technologies, farm equipment)
    Leadership and organization (Organization perspective)
    - Labour force of the future (e.g. family farmers, young entrants, succession, influences of the family)
    Strategic development (Innovation and development perspective)
    - Entrepreneurship (e.g. diversification & adding value)
    Regulatory and international framework
    - Environmental regulations and challenges (e.g. linked to water quality, pesticides, ammonia and GHG)
    - International trade relations (e.g. trade deals, Brexit, WTO etc.)

    General Guidelines for Full Papers and Poster Summary Submission

  • Original research only can be submitted
  • Full paper must be prepared by using the IFMA template and follow the guidelines in the template (find the templates in the next section).
  • Full paper must be submitted in English. Full papers must include one title (max. 200 characters) and belong to one or more of the conference themes. It is possible to upload pictures (up to 1000 x 1000 pixel) and charts.
  • The scientific committee will review the academic paper, but not the applied papers
  • Multiple submissions by one person are permitted. Submissions imply the willingness of at least one author to register, attend the conference, and present the research.
  • The accepted full papers and poster will be presented in-person (no virtual presentations are allowed unless the nature of the conference is changed) and in English (that is the official language of the conference).
  • Deadline for full paper and poster summary submission: 1st May,2022. Notification will be sent no later than 60 days after the submission deadline.
  • The final edited paper need to be submitted before the 1st June, 2022. This version will be made available to all congress delegates.
  • After the submission, an acknowledgement email will be sent automatically to the author, to ensure that your paper or title of poster has been properly uploaded. The presenting author must register and pay for attending the conference in order to participate in the conference.

    Word Limits & Templates

    The full paper (academic or applied) must be limited to 3500 words. The poster summary is limited to 400 words.

    Template for the submission cover page: Click HERE to download

    Template for the submission main text (both academic and applied papers and poster summary): Click HERE to download


    IFMA uses an online platform to manage the submissions. Users must create an account before submission. During the submission process, users will provide the paper/poster information and enclose attachments (by using the templates)

    Online submission (for both paper and summary of poster): Click HERE


    In case of questions related to the paper/poster summary submission process please contact us at




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    If you have any questions, please contact our conference agency:
    The Meeting Planners ApS
    (45) 60 21 74 21