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    1st November 2021
    Announcement of paper and poster submissions 

    1st May 2022
    Deadline for paper and poster submissions

    1st May 2022
    Deadline for Early Bird


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IFMA23 will include a wide spectrum of topics to be a conference for the whole farm management society. Thus, we aim to cover the following:

  • Market (Consumer perspective)
    - Working with global and local markets (resilient farming businesses, global food security, negotiating best prices for inputs and outputs, The Nordic kitchen, organic food, door delivery)

  • Financing (Financial perspective)
    - Financing the farm business (share farming, contract farming, non-farming investors, new generations, international farming)

  • Production (Internal process perspective)
    - Technology (robotics, other new technologies, traditional farm equipment)

  • Leadership and organization (Organization perspective)
    - Labour force of the future (family farmers, young entrants, succession, influences of the family)

  • Strategic development (Innovation and development perspective)
    - Entrepreneurship (Diversification & adding value)

  • Regulatory and international framework 
    -  Environmental regulations and challenges (Water quality, pesticides, ammonia and GHG)
    . International trade relations (trade deals, Brexit, WTO etc.)

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The objective of the International Farm Management Association is to further the knowledge and understanding of farm business management and to exchange ideas and information about farm management theory and practice throughout the world. The IFMA is a non profit-making organisation and currently the Association has members in over 50 countries. Read more


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